Supermarket cleaning

Keeping a supermarket or grocery store clean can be a challenge, but we have a staff trained to fully meet your needs, we guarantee our professionalism to develop any job requested.

Personalized Cleaning for Each Department

We know that both the butcher shop, bakery area and any other area that your establishment/business has, need to have the necessary care and maintenance for the performance of their functions and supply in the general store, therefore we offer a quality service for the cleaning these areas. As well as carry out any type of disinfection on walls, machines, floors, etc. Cleaning, degreasing floors, counters and showcases.

As well as an excellent cleaning / disinfection service in the bathrooms, deodorization and replenishment supplies.

JOLI Maintenance

Specialized Floor Care

We work on all types of floors, we participate in the development of sustainable services and processes to incorporate new techniques, for the care of wooden floors, VCT, Concrete, Interlocking of floors in floors, Elimination of stains on the floor and Waxing in general.

  • Acrylic, urethane and specialty finishes.
  • Polish and burnish.
  • Extraction cleaning and low humidity.
  • Grout rejuvenation and Scrub and coat.
  • Steam and high pressure cleaning.
  • Stripping and Refinishing.

We have time available at any time or even any day of the week to respond to any of your needs.

  • LVT: Despite the popularity that LVT has gained in the market as the first flooring option for many, it has become a great challenge for many. However, high-end LVT flooring can be adequately protected. You can count on the preparation of our work team to work correctly on it, without any type of problem.
  • VCT: This floor is the most common in supermarkets, we have a long history and experience in this type of maintenance. We know how to take off any type of chewing gum or sticker and make it shine with a specialized machine for this job.
  • Carpet: For the care of your carpets we have the necessary equipment and instruments for cleaning and caring for it.
  • Concrete: We work with the sealing and waxing of your concrete floor. Concrete cleaning is very similar to VCT cleaning.
  • Ceramic: We have the capacity and pressure washers, which are designed for cleaning and removing stains on this type of floor.
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JOLI Maintenance


We know that the appearance and first impression of our customers is the main attraction of stores or companies, which is why we offer Cleaning

  • Awnings
  • Facades

  • Sidewalks: From a sweep to a pressure wash to guarantee the cleanliness of these areas.

  • Your store’s windows are streak and smudge free, inside and out.

Cleaning for commercial stores

We guarantee the maintenance and cleaning of your store, which you will be able to be a spectator of the quality service that we will be providing. In this way you can feel the peace of mind that your store will be in optimal conditions so that you can receive your customers without any inconvenience.

Complete kitchen cleaning

You can safely trust our responsibility and operability in the cleaning and disinfection of each area in your kitchen and thus you will be able to continue giving your customers the confidence to provide food made or prepared in a completely clean and disinfected environment.

Dust high reach areas

Most of the companies or stores request this type of work, which we provide a guaranteed service and even with the necessary machines to dust each area in depth, such as lamps, grilles, security camera lenses and everything that deserves dusting.

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